The Author

girl wearking ski suit

I’m Kendall and I’m your guide in skiing. When everybody dreads the winter, I get excited by the adventures in store for me. I started skiing 3 years ago. And I remember the first time trying to ski, my body hurts for too much falling. But those sores and flaky skin due to cold didn’t stop me from going for more. I find it addictive and realized that I am an adrenaline junkie. Nothing wrong with that, I’m just a person who loves adventures no matter what it takes.

Who is Kendall?

Kendall is a simple woman. Nothing is really special about her, but wait until she gets to the peak of the mountain, she becomes something else. She laughs her heart out every time she makes mistakes and simply shrug them off. I applied this rule in skiing whenever I fall, I stand up happier. Since then I became a fighter. Do you know Fight song by Rachel Platten? That became my song. So bring it on because I’m ready for some heavy fight!

My Favorite Skiers

I was once a snow bunny myself. I went through a lot of teasing that day but professional skiers keep me inspired and helped me became a better person of myself. Thanks to these amazing skiers, though they might not know it, I’m a fan.

Jean-Claude Killy
“Winning tastes good. To win, you have to risk loss.”

Bernard Russi
“Downhills are meant to be as demanding and as fast as possible, but we all want the racers to get to the bottom in one piece.”

Ingemar Stenmark
“I ski to win. When the day comes that I can’t get myself into a fighting mood anymore, I won’t be able to win and I’ll stop racing.”

Aimee Fuller
“Try something new every day, no matter how small it is, that keeps it new and exciting”