Skiing Vs Snowboarding


Learning Process

Skiing: The learning process is quicker compared to snowboarding. It’s very similar to walking. You have this extra boost on your feet and they will out run you because of the speed. In skiing, you have to balance your body and most likely you will be good at it.

Snowboarding: I remember the first time I tried snowboarding. It was fun yet it was a bruising process. It feels like you are windsurfing with no water. Sounds odd but that is true. I think it is because of your body position, your feet are clasped together and you’ll have to use your entire body to pivot your direction. Believe me when I say that it is difficult to master. It’ll take you days while it’ll take you hours learning skiing.

Possible Injury

Skiing Vs. Snowboarding:  All sports have risk of possible injuries. Skiing and snowboarding can be strenuous sports. If done incorrectly, you may suffer from fractured bones, head injury and worst, death. Since both sports are done in snow, the risk of encountering avalanche and other  accidents is high. Sports experts argued which of the two has a higher risk, study shows that skiing is quite harsh on the knees and wrist. But aside from that both sports have equal tendencies of injuries.

Difficulty Reaching The Peak

Skiing: Well skiing requires you to bring some essential  accessories and I think this is the tough part. While you are walking to reach the peak, you might drop your poles, goggles, and skis. And skis is the hardest to bring because you carry it on your shoulders, and can hit your collarbone. It really hurts. The good part is once you reach the top, you’re ready to go and feel the slide of your life.

Snowboarding: You don’t have to wear those heavy boots and settle for some comfy nice shoes. However snowboarding is not ideal for mountain trip because imagine the vessel you’ll have to carry under your arm. The downside of snowboarding when it comes to convenience is the risk of getting stuck. You might need to ask your friends to help you get out of the ice and tow your board. It’s not good for flat sections either because aside from the possibility of getting stuck in snow, you’ll have to push your board till you reach the preferred soft snow section.


Snowboarding and Skiing are both fun to do during snowy season. Both have risks of possible injuries. I think it’s a matter of preference. There has been division between the groups of people who practice them. But there shouldn’t be because we are here for the same thing: to have fun. So let’s forget which is better, let’s just share the ice and feel the slide we’ve been aiming for.